Dowd Keith

She is beautiful, she is an actress, and she is my friend. Love this girl, one of my faves to shoot, amazing in front of the camera. Did some new headshots with her today in Marietta Square. Stay tuned, you will be seeing more of her soon!

2 thoughts on “Dowd Keith

  1. Leigh

    I am Dowd’s mom. These are the best pictures anyone has EVER taken of her. You did such a wonderful job of capturing her beauty; I especially like the picture of her with the full smile.

    I hope that you two will have an opportunity to shoot again in the near future.

    I have seen other work that you have done; Dowd sent me some of the pictures. You are very talented and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    India Keith

  2. Leigh!!!!

    I have never ever ever ever received so many compliments on my headshots before. Everyone loves them! You’re incredible. So talented. I hope you know and believe that because I certainly do! Thanks for like the millionth time for taking my headshots. I has the best time working with you. I hope you will get a lot more actors because of the gorgeous job you did with mine. I’m going to tell everyone!


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